Handmade Toys Powered by Imagination

My mission is to promote the art of creation of handmade toys. I wish to inspire and encourage you to release your creative genie. My desire is to spark your imagination so that you too can experience the joy of crafting. I want to guide and support you on your way to the magic land of memorable moments spent on your own, or with your loved ones.

I want to help YOU be the reason someone smiles today.

CottonNutty Mission Statement

Why handmade toys?

Hand-sewn, knitted or crocheted toys are made with love and show true affection. Unlike mass produced items, each homemade soft toy is special and unique, even if made using widely available patterns. You can personalize every one of them, simply by choosing different materials, colors, finishing or accessories. Sky is the limit. You are the Creator, so you control the quality and cost of supplies.

Additionally, making your own toys is a phenomenal way to reuse/recycle old blankets, towels or pieces of clothing. You can teach your children and people around you how to creatively repurpose worn materials and preserve environment.

What is more, those treasuries are best present ideas, not only for the little ones but also for grownups. Everyone has a little child inside, trust me! And every inner child deserves a hug and affection.

Last but not least, we preserve our culture and keep crafts skills alive. It helps us sustain our identity and pass it over onto younger generations, while having fun. Each handmade piece celebrates who you are, as the final outcome is derived solely from the magic of your imagination!

If you’d like to know my own WHY then have a look at About Me page!

CottonNutty Toys and Crafts

Can you craft handmade toys if you haven’t done it before?

Well of course you can!

If you think that arts and crafts is not for you or believe that making a toy is too difficult – you couldn’t be more wrong! You need to realize that crafting is about making, not about achieving ideal results.

In fact, we very often joke that artisans don’t make mistakes – they apply unique modifications to the pattern 🙂

Of course, there are complex projects out there, which require advanced skill set, but you can also find plenty of softie patterns that are perfect for beginners too.

I am here to guide you and help you get started on this amazing journey. Just have a look around on my blog and I am sure you will find some fun and easy toy making patterns!

How can CottonNutty help and inspire?

Creating handmade toys is my passion and true love. I’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years now and never get bored. I started with crocheting amigurumis, just for my own pleasure and fun. Before I realized, I was taking orders from family and friends as their kids just loved those handmade softies.

At some point in time I started teaching and coaching people around me. I would spend hours explaining where to start, how to sew and crochet, providing resources and showing how to make plushies. I quickly discovered that I really liked doing it. And this is how CottonNutty was born – to share experience, knowledge and ideas for handmade toys and crafts.

Resources included in this blog are results of years of experience, and are here to help you learn and create handmade soft toys. Please kindly note that I design and create all plushies myself, I do not re-link or reprint someone else’s work. What is more, I commit my energy and efforts to provide diligent tutotial-type articles and crafts industry updates.

Amigurumi Patterns

Here I share crochet patterns for various plushies, such as Eeyore or Baby Groot. Complexity levels range from easy (for beginners) through intermediate, all the way to difficult. In each post I provide details of supplies needed, actual toy pattern (or link to my own paid patterns) and guidance for completion. All crochet patters include detailed photo instructions.

How To’s

In this section I provide tutorial-type posts, where I aim to lay out some tips and tricks useful for crafting projects completion. Some of those posts were actually made as a result of questions I received so if there is something you feel you would benefit from and you are not able to find there – shoot me a note. My contact details are in included in the About Me section.

Crafts Fun Reading

I like to stay on top of what is going on in arts and crafts world. I read a lot and whenever I find something interesting and fun, I share this in outer world. Those posts tend to be shorter so you can read something relaxing when you are having a break. Topics cover news, trends, fun facts or bits and pieces of crafts history. Have a look – you may be surprised 😊

Last but not least – I have an Etsy Shop where you can find some of my works so feel free to check it out.

Happy Crafting !!

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  1. Hi. So good to find this article. I really enjoyed reading it.

    I am a craft person and I’m really glad that I found your website. I usuallyy make most things on my own rather than buying. I believe this is cheaper and more creative.

    I have a small cousin who would really love these toys. She doesn’t have many because she is too little, but why not make her soemthing she’ll love?

    I will savee your website to come back again!

  2. Hi, I just left a message on your site. I absolutely adore the little toys for children to make. 

    I believe you will go a long way with your site. Many people I know, including my sister, are always searching for craft sites. I know they will love it. 

    Your knowledge of the topic is wonderful. I have attempted crocheting little dolls; however, I was never successful—too many thumbs. 

    Well done.

  3. Awwww! So cute!!! We homeschool and would definitely check the rest of your guides, too! You should pin them! I’d pin all your posts, too! They are so useful! I bookmarked your site and showed it to my 7-year-old daughter. We are both excited to try each and every lesson you have. 🙂 Thanks so much!


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