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I don’t think human creativity will ever stop surprising me. Every time I think I’ve seen it all, I come across something that makes my jaw drop. In all fairness, it isn’t always a positive surprise. But hey, de gustibus non est disputandum so who am I to judge?


I got interested in the subject of creativity good few years ago, when the corporate world I was a part of would go crazy about innovation. You know, another hot buzzword that let consulting and training companies earn tons of $$. We attended dozens of workshops and training sessions aiming to spark new ideas and breakthrough solutions. If you wanted to build a career you HAD to prove you were innovative. Otherwise, you brought no value to the Firm and so you had to stay where you were (meaning nowhere).

Few thoughts on creativity by CottonNutty

Problem was that nobody really defined what creativity and innovation meant. For me, and most of my colleagues, it was such an abstract and intangible concept, that we were 100% sure our senior management just introduced a new way of promoting their ‘favorite people’. After all, on a daily basis how would you measure who is more innovative and deserves to claim up the ladder?

This is when I came across Scott Berkun and his ‘The Myths of Innovation’. Eye opening book, showing what creativity and innovation (especially in business) really is. And more importantly, what it is NOT. If you have read this book – share your thoughts. If you haven’t, I would strongly recommend. It helped me a lot, both at work and in my personal life.

I know that in most cases, it’s the small, boring, daunting, yet incremental small changes you make every day in the way you operate that lead to result which may (or may not) turn out to be an innovative solution. Plus, it’s very unlikely you would be able to do it alone. Each great solution was created by bunch of brilliant and hardworking folks, although we tend to associate only the lead name with it.

This week’s discovery…

Going back to my few thoughts on creativity. I like digging into the deepest corners of the Internet to look for inspiration and find mind blowing ideas. This week I accidentally came across Chia Pet products. Honestly, I don’t thing I had seen it before so decided to explore it and I must say, chapeau bas for Joseph Enterprises for fantastic idea!

These are my favorite items, cool stuff based on Star Wars characters. If you are a fan of the Galaxy Far Far Away, then you are gonna love it!

Baby Yoda Pottery Planter

Honestly, I died when I saw it. It’s a pottery Baby Yoda floating in its bassinet! It includes an acrylic stand, which makes it seem as if Baby Yoda is indeed floating. If you’ve watched the Mandalorian then you most likely feel the cuteness of it 🙂

Additionally, you get chia seeds and you can re-plant them dozens of times as it’s washable and re-usable. Brilliant!

But wait, it gets better.. They have Chewbacca and Old Yoda!

Chia Pet assortment includes many more fun items, like E.T., Spiderman, Groot and other cool planters. Congrats to Joseph Enterprises crew for creative and inspiring ideas!

Psst: If you purchase an item from this post, I may receive a small cut. There is no extra cost to you and it helps me keep creating free content and patterns. Thank you for your support! Note that each item and price is up to date at the time of publication; however, an item may be sold out or the price may be different at a later date.

Sometimes when I look at all of those amazing designs I envy their creators. I wish it was my idea! Oh well, maybe one day I will come up with something innovative and mind blowing. Stepping-stones. You never know.

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18 thoughts on “Few Thoughts on Creativity | Off the hook”

  1. Aww, having Chewbacca and Old Yoda have really made me consider joining them. Besides I also want to support your site. I have had so many cool ideas after reading your posts. For me, your super creative. Please keep up the good work. And I can’t wait to start with Chewbacca. I am excited!

  2. Its an interesting subject actually creativity. As i was just saying earlier on to a friend today, you cannot stop creativity. Even though many corporations and even governments try to license it or ban it. It will never be quelled because it’s a verty vital part of human nature.Viva Le Creation!

  3. Hello there! This is an interesting post. I definitely enjoyed your other articles with awesome crochet designs. It’s really amazing how far creativity can bring one to come up with such amazing ideas for crafts. Unfortunately, society seems to do the opposite by suppressing that. Glad that you didn’t allow society to stop your creativity from running loose! I was a big fan of chia pets when I was younger. Always fun to watch how the seeds on the chia pets grow. Might be kind of fun to buy one again sometime. Thanks for sharing this.


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