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I’ve been asked so many times about best gifts for crocheters, that I decided to put it all together and make a blog post. The good news is that there are plenty of fabulous options if you are looking to get something great or fun for someone who loves crocheting. Whether they are at the beginning of their crocheting adventure, or they’re an old hand at it, you’ll find something suitable.

Below list includes over 100 remarkable ideas for crocheting gifts, fit for Moms, Dads, Siblings, Friends or.. Enemies ๐Ÿ™‚ Regardless if you need a present for a special occasion, or just something small to show them your love and affection, choices are endless. Enjoy!

Gifts for crocheters | Ideas by CottonNutty

Psst: If you purchase an item from this post, I may receive a small cut. There is no extra cost to you and it helps me keep creating free content and patterns. Thank you for your support! Note that each item and price is up to date at the time of publication; however, an item may be sold out or the price may be different at a later date.

Fun Gadgets

Gadgets are in general neutral and universal. This type of crocheting gifts can be worn or used by both experienced crocheters and by complete beginners. You don’t need to worry if a person already has it or not as part of their equipment. Plus, they are fairly inexpensive.


T-Shirts are great present ideas for everyone at any age. It’s something fun to wear and demonstrate your passion.

“I only buy yarn when I need it for the project. Or because it’s on sale. Or because it’s pretty. Or just because I want it.”

If you’ve ever dealt with any crochet addict, you understand the sarcasm ๐Ÿ™‚

Available in multiple colors and sizes; fit types both for men and women.

“I rescue yarn trapped in the yarn store. I’m not a hoarder. I’m a hero!”

Yes. I face this every single day. Crochet addiction inevitably comes with yarn hoarding.. I mean rescuing ๐Ÿ™‚

Available in multiple colors and sizes; fit types both for men and women.

“I Crochet But My Favorite Hobby Is Collecting Yarn.”

Yet another T-Shirt referring to yarn addiction. If you’re swamped under piles of yarn – you need to have this one!

Available in multiple colors and sizes; fit types both for men and women.

“Things I do in my spare time: crochet, buy yarn, research crochet patterns, talk about yarn, think about yarn, dream about yarn.”

Crochet addicts’ every day life ๐Ÿ™‚

Available in multiple colors and sizes; fit type: women.

“My doctor said I need more fiber so I went to the yarn store.”

Funny pun depicting obsessive compulsive behavior us crocheters demonstrate daily.

Available in multiple colors and sizes; fit type: men and women.

“Don’t talk to me, I’m counting.”

You understand the sarcasm if you’ve ever tried to talk to crocheter focused on getting their number of stitches right!

Available in multiple colors and sizes; fit type: men and women.

“I crochet so I don’t choke people. Save a life, send yarn.”

Yes, it’s scientifically proven that handicraft in general works well as a stress relief.

Available in pastel colors and multiple sizes; fit type: women.

This type doesn’t include any writing, but four cute baby sheep crocheting in different yarn colors.

It’s a baseball type of Tee. Long sleeve for men fit type and 3/4 for women fit type. Available in multiple sizes and two sleeve colors: black and navy blue.

“The Only Thing I Love More Than Crochet Is Being a Grandma.”

If your grandma likes crocheting then she’s going to love this one!

Available in pastel colors and multiple sizes; fit type: women.


My personal best when it comes to gifts for crocheters. Typically we make most projects during long and cold autumn and winter evenings. There is nothing better than a nice and hot cup of tea or chocolate in a fun mug or a tumbler.

“It’s not hoarding if it’s yarn.”

White ceramic, with small black polka dots and a skein of yarn.

“I crochet but my favorite hobby is collecting yarn.”

Black ceramic, with Baby Yoda!

“Not all magic wands are pointy sticks”.

Ceramic. White on the outside. Inside and ear available in various different colors.

“Don’t talk to me. I’m counting.”

Black premium ceramic.

“Yes, I really DO need all this yarn.”


“Born to crochet. Forced to work.”

White ceramic.


Similar to mugs – I personally love this type of gifts for crocheters. Tumblers are slightly more convenient as you can travel with them and there is smaller chance of spilling the liquid onto your work. Not impossible, but harder.. Been there, done that ๐Ÿ™‚

“My problem isn’t that I buy too much yarn. My problem is that I shop faster than I crochet.”

“I stitch a piece of my heart into everything I crochet.”

“Coffee keeps me awake so I can crochet.”

Key Chains

Key chains work perfectly as small and kind of ‘casual’ gifts for crocheters.

“Yarn obsessed.”

“Don’t talk to me. I’m counting.”

“No skein, no gain”


For the lack of better word I use the term ‘equipment’ to bucket all of those crocheting gift ideas that revolve around practical items. Stuff that we can use to either complete crocheting projects or to organize ourselves. Personally, I think those types of presents are best, but of course it’s a matter of preference.

Books and Patterns

Since we love and need patterns, pattern books are always phenomenal gifts for crocheters. There are seriously tons of publications you can find on the market. Of course, what you choose will depend on a preference of a person you are planning to bestow on. For someone loving to make toys you may want to decide on a slightly different publication than if you were to choose a book for a person preferring to crochet decor and/or garments. Those are just different types of projects.

If you feel confident enough you can try to find digital patterns on platforms like Etsy, Ravelry, Pinterest or various crochet blogs. Otherwise, you’ll probably be better off getting a nice book.

My Personal Best

Before I go into details of superb book ideas for crocheting gifts, I wanted to mention my favorite one. I received it for a Christmas present years ago and, believe it or not, till today I always keep it handy. Over those years I bought and received many crocheting books and magazine-like publications. Most of them are now piling up in my closet. Yet this one I keep withing the reach.

That is because it includes exhaustive and phenomenal intro to tools, techniques, yarns and color matching methods. It helps me understand yarn labels, quickly get inspired on unusual stitches or translate hook sizes from US to European and vice versa. It also includes beginner friendly patterns for toys, garments and decor. Lastly, as all DK publications, it just looks and feels amazing.

Toys and Characters (Amigurumi)

Amigurumi (in essence toys!) patterns books are ideal for anyone who likes crocheting characters. I’m not sure why but in general crocheters have their preferences and some tend to make toys only, while others focus on garments and decor. This section is for amigurumi lovers.

Paperback book including 20 different Pokemon patterns, ranging from very easy to complex. The book is a great present not only for experienced crocheters, but also for newbies as it includes extensive introduction to techniques and stitches.

This paperback publication includes 14 different creature patterns, such as a unicorn, a dragon or a mermaid. Good book to sparkle imagination! Despite what author says, I would recommend it for anyone at least with a bit of experience.

Hardcover or Kindle (note that Kindle version will be black and white). Beautifully published, includes 30 patterns for smaller projects such as plants, berries or animals and sea creatures. My top choice for a present.

By far one of my favorite publications. Available in paperback and for Kindle. Includes 15 patterns for iconic women, such as Cleopatra or Amelia Earhart. Educational and inspiring. Recommended for crocheters with some experience.

Kindle and paperback editions. Very creative and unique book including over 30 ‘crochet recipes’ for food-like characters, such as avocado toast or popcorn! Beginner friendly and suitable for inexperienced crocheters.

Available for Kindle and in hardcover. Very clever construction of the book allows you to mix and match various body part types to create your own unique monsters and creatures. Sky is the limit! Good idea for experienced crocheters.

Paperback. Includes 15 patterns for adorable ‘critter like’ characters, such as ladybug or platypus ๐Ÿ™‚ Very nicely published, suitable for crocheters with at least a bit experience.

Paperback. Very well written book including 20 patterns for animal-like characters such as crocodile, unicorn or a frog. The patterns are beginner friendly so will be enjoyable for beginners.

Paperback. Includes 14 patterns for dinosaurs, prehistoric humans, mammoths and birds. Great gift idea for anyone loving ‘Flintstones’ type of characters. Well written and beautifully published.

Paperback. This well written and easy to read pattern book includes 36 crochet patterns for tiny royal family members. Create your own kingdom and have fun! Beginner friendly.

Available for Kindle and in hardcover. Very well written multiple patterns for various bugs, beetles and butterflies. Suitable for both experienced crocheters and those being quite new to crocheting.

Hardcover and Kindle available. Brand new publication. Must have for Harry Potter fans! Includes patterns for characters and decor (like Sorting Hat!!). Knitting equivalent of the book was a hit.

Decor and Garments

This section is for those that like making baskets, blankets, doilies or any pieces of clothing.

Kindle and paperback available. Fun and charming ideas for crochet slippers everyone will love. 20 superb animal slippers patterns in various sizes and shapes (slide, shoe or boot).

Paperback and kindle. One of the most interesting and adorable books for those who love to make items for children. Includes 10 patterns for different ‘fairy tale’ blankets.

Available for Kindle and in paperback. Very novice and interesting approach to creating mosaics with hexagons and granny squares. Inspired by quilting and the effect is similar.

Paperback. The book includes 100 patterns for various granny squares, at various complexity levels – from the very easy ones to complex creations. Squares can be mixed and matched to create amazing mosaics.

Available for Kindle and in paperback. This book includes 20 different patterns. Hexagons essentially can be used in a similar way to granny squares so you can mix and match to create decor or garments.

Kindle and paperback available. This beautiful publication includes 100 patterns for tiny crochet decorations such as flowers, fruit or hearts. Ideal for unique and enchanting additions to clothing or home decor.


If you’ve ever seen crocheter’s ‘whereabouts’ then you probably understand the need for having organizers ๐Ÿ™‚ Yarn piling up around. Hooks, pins, needles and scissors everywhere. You can’t imagine how many times I looked for my tapestry needles in the living room sofa!! Oh well. Good news is that so far no one got hurt ๐Ÿ™‚ Organizers help a lot!


Project bags are my favorite types of organizers. They are not only useful for storage, but also help me carry my project supplies with me. Whether I’m going for holidays or simply traveling to visit my family, I can just grab the bag and take all I need. If you are looking to get a practical crocheting gift – get a bag! We love them.

One of may favorite bags. Very spacious, with many different side pockets and compartments. Ideal for larger projects, like blankets, afghans or jumpers. It’s durable, lightweight and water resistant. It has clear PVC top so you can see what’s inside without having to open the bag. Available in different colors.

This bag has loads of room for all accessories you need. Many pockets, zippers and compartments help keep everything handy and organized. Beautiful design and high quality fabric. It really looks great and so it’s perfect for a gift for crocheters. This bag is available in few other color variations.

Great and functional bag with many different compartments and a separate ‘pocket’ for smaller accessories and hooks. Please note that this bag is small in size, so it will be ideal for projects like small amigurumi or pieces of garments. It won’t fit larger skeins. This bag is available in few other color variations.

Beautifully made bag with loads of storage room. Multiple zippers, pockets and compartments are perfect for keeping all project accessories. Top lid has 6 grommets which allows you to work with multiple skeins at the same time. Unfortunately only available in grey.

Very spacious bag, made of canvas and available in 3 different colors. Removable inside divider helps you shape compartments as you wish. It has additional case for small accessories like needles, pins or stitch markers. Unusual feature – this bag has 1 year warranty.

Large bag, ideal for any large projects like thick blankets or rugs. Removable divider lets you shape the main compartment. Additional side pockets and zippers will fit all accessories. Clear top lets you see what’s inside without having to open the bag. Available in 2 different colors.

Yarn bowls and boxes

Yarn bowls and boxes help us when working on a project. They safe keep skeins so that the yarn doesn’t tangle. You will find many different types of bowls and boxes on the market. Personally I think the ceramic ones would make a perfect gift for crocheters. They just look and feel amazing. Very classy present. However, you need to be careful when using them as they may crash if they fall off the couch.

Hand crafted using rosewood. Available in various sizes. The set includes the bowl, 2 hooks and a nice case.

Beautifully made of mango wood. Available in brown or black (made of brown or black mango wood).

Mixed painted wood, carefully polished. Multicolor stripes look fabulous on this bowls. Medium size.

Gorgeous ceramic. Unique decorations. Available in 3 sizes and multiple colors with various patterns.

Glazed ceramic. Inscription says “Make your own magic”. Available in other colors (blue and turquoise).

Painted and glazed ceramic. Very creative idea. Also available: frog and fox. Medium in size.

Bamboo bowl with a lid.

Bamboo box with a lid.

Chestnut wood box.

Hook cases

Hook cases help us organize piles of crocheting hooks. It’s yet another great idea for gifts for crocheters.

Available in many colors, imprinted cats.

Many different colors, imprinted elephants.

Blue with accessories imprinted.


Crochet Hooks Sets

There are plenty of sets you can choose from. I decided to include those that are unusual or super comfy to work with.

Rechargeable lighted crochet hooks set. Great for working with dark yarn or when there’s not enough light in the room. Fairly new concept on the market.

Ergonomic crochet hooks set from Clover, one of the top providers of crochet equipment. Handles are made in such a way that make your hands less tired.

Yet another set of ergonomic crochet hooks, this time from Prym. My personal favorites. I’ve been using those for years now and wouldn’t trade for anything.

Set by Tulip – one of the best manufacturers of supplies. It’s slightly more expensive than other sets but it’s totally worth it. Set also includes scissors and needles.

Set of Tunisian crochet hooks with additional accessories such as stitch markers or scissors. In case you are not familiar – Tunisian crochet hooks are longer than regular hooks.

Absolutely gorgeous and unique set by Tulip. Full length is covered in matte red. Top quality and usability. If you are looking for something classy and fancy for a gift – this is the product you want to get.

Yarn and yarn sets

OK, let’s face it. There is never enough yarn. I really mean it. NEVER. Therefore, getting yarn as a gift for crocheters is always a brilliant choice.

Cotton yarn in pastel colors, by Olikraft brand. Soft, DK yarn. Ideal for baby projects and amigurumi (toys).

Cotton DK yarn by Lily Sugar’n Cream. Available in variety of colors, including ombre / melange. Great for all sorts of projects.

Interesting fiber composition – cotton treated with milk proteins. Very soft yarn available in vast array of colors. Great for amigurumi. By LovLim.

Cotton T-Shirt yarn. Made from re-cycled fabric, from The Fox Yarn Co. Great material for baskets and rugs. Available in many different colors.

Alize Puffy. Very soft chenille yarn, with loops already worked in it so that you don’t need a hook (work with hands). Great for kids’ projects. Available in many different colors.

Scheepjes Whirl. Great quality cotton and acrylic yarn with smooth transition of colors. Perfect for shared shawls and other garments. Available in many color mixes.

Caron X Pantone. Wonderfully soft blended merino wool available in many interesting color mixes. Superb for garments.

Hooked Zpagetti. Chunky cotton blend T-shirt yarn, made from recycled fabric so each skein is unique. Great for baskets, pillows and rugs.

Scheepjes Stone Washed and River Washed mix. Pack of 58 multi color mini skeins. Cotton blend yarn ideal for amigurumi or granny squares decor.

Turkish cotton macrame cord from MT Craft Supplies, available in many colors. Great material for rugs, wall hanging decor or bags/totes.

Lion Brand “I wanna make a blankie”. Super soft and chunky chenille yarn, available in few other colors. Ideal for blankets and huggable plushies.

Scarfie by Lion Brand. Acrylix blended with wool. Soft and easy to work with. Ombre type of yarn with smooth transition of colors. Available in various color mixes. Great for scarves, socks or blankets.

Crochet Kits

Crochet kits are sets that include supplies you need to complete a certain project – typically yarn and a pattern, sometimes also additional accessories such as a hook, needles, markers etc. From my experience, this type of gifts for crocheters will be perfect for beginners and intermediate crocheters.

And here my personal thought. I have noticed that in general users may complain about not sufficient amount of yarn included in the kit. Since I make kits myself I must say that this one is tricky. In general we all crochet differently, using different tension and hence the amount of yarn used may be slightly different. So even if I add 20% buffer it still may happen that it won’t be enough for some customers. Therefore, be careful when reading descriptions as to what the kit includes, otherwise you may face some disappointment.

Additionally, pay attention to price vs supplies quality. If you get a kit at a price below $10 then don’t expect decent quality product. If you look at the cost of sole materials then it’s easy to understand why a good kit must cost way more.

Harry Potter crocheting kit. The set includes a book with patterns for over 10 characters, and supplies needed to make Harry and Dobby (not for all characters included in the pattern book).

Frosty the Snowman crocheting kit. The set includes pattern book with many cartoon characters and supplies needed to make the Frosty and Karen (not for all characters from the book).

Star Wars crocheting kit. This kit includes a pattern book with 12 different patterns, and supplies needed to complete Yoda and R2D2 (not for all characters form the pattern book).

Animal Safari crochet kit. This set includes a pattern book with 13 animal patterns plus supplies for completing a lion and a warthog (not all characters from the book).

Star Wars finger puppets crocheting kits. Includes a book with patterns for 10 iconic characters plus supplies for completion of Lord Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Iconic Disney characters crocheting kit. Includes a book with patterns for 12 classic characters plus supplies needed to make Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Basket making crocheting kit. It includes a pattern for the basket and supplies needed for completion.

Crochet Llama kit by CottonNutty. Great quality supplies needed to complete this girl and printed color instructions.

Disney Princesses crocheting kit. Includes book with 12 patterns for characters and supplies needed to complete 2.

Other fun ideas for gifts for crocheters

On top of what I listed above, there are few other items you may want to choose for a gift for crocheters.

Wooden blocking board allowing to keep granny squares same size. Movable pegs fit multiple sizes.

Blocking mats, featuring even large projects. Allow to maintain shape and size across project components.

Set of 3 looms from KB. Also includes 4 patterns you can use. Perfect for making hats or any smaller garments.

Wooden loom with adjustable components so that you can make both small and large items using this one tool.

Stainless steel row counter in the form of an elegant and stylish black ring. Available in multiple sizes.

Neck light for working in the dark or with dark yarn. Available in 3 colors. Adjustable position and light brightness.

I hope you have got inspired and will have a chance to make the ones you love happy with an unforgettable crocheting gift.

Let us know if you feel there are any other fun ideas for gifts for crocheters! We would all love to get inspired! Enjoy!

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