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It’s not a secret that when it comes to crafts, details matter a lot. A cat is a cat. What would make your cat stand out in the crowd? Interesting and appealing touch, some eye catching and memorable elements. You can achieve this result by playing with colors and/or by adding intriguing amigurumi accessories to your project.

In this post I will share my list of remarkable supplies, which I either used already or plan to use it in my upcoming creations. To be honest, not all of those items are strictly dedicated to making amigurumis. But this doesn’t matter. Who said I cannot use jewelry accessories to compliment my crochet plushie?

I will first introduce remarkable eyes, then go over some unique noses. In the last section I’ll show you all ‘other fun stuff‘ that you can use to spice up your amigurumi. Additionaly, I added my personal suggestion for usage under each item, but get creative and let your imagination lead the way!

Amigurumi accessories by cottonnutty

Amigurumi Accessories – Eyes

Eyes are probably the single most important element of each toy when it comes to invoking feelings. Be it happiness, love, cuteness, sadness or anger. Eyes reveal the soul and instantly attract attention.

I rarely use those regular black safety eyes in my projects. In most cases I would either embroider them to get the look that I want. Or, I would use something more ‘unique’, like the ones in my Crochet Dinosaur pattern. Below are my favorites:

I would use this type of safety eyes for any dinosaur projects and/or ‘Manga’ type amigurumis.

Dragons, of course. Duh! But, this would look fabulous on any reptile type creatures and fantasy characters.

Can be tricky to use as they may disturb the balance of the toy composition. They would work fantastically for owls though.

Those are spooky! This type of eyes would work for any Halloween related items or horror like characters.

To be honest I haven’t used such eyes yet in any of my projects. But this would suit doll type amigurumis best.

Those type of eyes are one of my top favorites. You can use them in any type of amigurumi to create that ‘laughing’ look.

Amigurumi Supplies – Noses

In many cases a nose would differentiate one character from the other. Think about a shape of a bear. How would you tell if it’s a panda or a koala bear? Indeed! It’s the shape of the nose (or more general – muzzle and nose). Therefore, a remarkable nose is another factor that may contribute to the uniqueness of your crocheted amigurumi. Below is the list of my favorites:

You can use them to make kolas. Duh! I love those. It makes creating those cute and adorable bears so much easier.

I will not surprise you – this type of noses is used to create dogs and puppies. It works really well and looks natural.

This is brilliant. Those noses look like tiny carrots so can be used to make snowman, but also characters like Gargamel (Smurfs).

This nose is very velvety and looks amazingly cute. I would use it for any type of teddy bears.

It’s probably not something that I would use widely, but it would be perfect for making mice or rats amigurumis.

Actually, those noses can also be used as oval eyes. I would most likely use them for making cartoon characters.

Other fun and unique amigurumi accessories

I like digging through the Internet and finding fun and unique small amigurumi accessories that add character to my creations. Those are usually tiny little things that make people say ‘oh how cute!’. It really doesn’t take much to obtain that ‘wow’ effect. Below is the list of my favorites:

No surprises – you can use those for making ducks and duck-type characters. Fantastic amigurumi accessory for such projects.

I personally love those as they help me make appealing amigurumi eyes. Irritating part is that they have to be glued in.

Any nerdy and brainy type of amigurumi has to wear eye glasses. As the Mandalorian said – ‘This is the way’.

Such hats would look fantastic when used for any type of Mexican style projects, like for example a cactus in a sombrero.

Boots can be used as amigurumi accessory for humanoid dolls or.. human-like animals, for example Puss in Boots!

You can use key ring to create a key chain. Just take any small amigurumi you have made and attach the ring to it.

Buttons rank very high on my favorite amigurumi supplies list.

You can attach them everywhere to add something cute to the overall look of the toy.

I would buttons not only as elements of clothing or outfit, but also as belly buttons.

Psst: If you purchase an item from this post, I may receive a small cut. There is no extra cost to you and it helps me keep creating free content and patterns. Thank you for your support! Note that each item and price is up to date at the time of publication; however, an item may be sold out or the price may be different at a later date.

Cute and Unique

I hope I managed to convince you that accessories are important factor if you want to differentiate your amigurumis from thousands of those that already exist out there. Think about your favorite crochet toy. Why is it that you like it so much? Have you seen similar ones elsewhere? Why is it that you prefer this one? … Exactly!

Check out above amigurumi supplies and think how you can use them to make your toy cute and unique. Of course, if there is anything else you like and I haven’t covered here then please share that with us! We all love to be inspired! And as always, if you have any questions or need help then contact me at, or leave a comment in the section below.


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