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I have just recently come across a very interesting article about temperature crocheting. It really got me intrigued as my first thought was that maybe it’s one of those crazy ideas where you crochet when it’s cold but stop when it gets warmer. Well, I guess I was close 🙂

I wasn’t aware that it started few years ago and now becomes more and more popular. The goal of temperature crocheting is to make items that would show temperature changes throughout the year and in a sense support anti global warming movement.

How temperature crocheting works?

We want to show temperature levels each day through color coded elements. Typically, crocheters make temperature rugs, blankets or scarves and each row would be made in a color that represents today’s air temperature. Some more creative people make grannie squares, C2C or chevron décor or garments. It really looks amazing!


First, we need to decide on a pattern – choose something that would nicely depict those color switches representing climate changes .

Then, pick yarn colors. Just note that it doesn’t have to be red, orange, yellow, green and blue. You can use any color combinations as long as each color is assigned to certain temperature levels.

In most cases we would assign colors to 5 degrees Celsius temperature range but bear in mind that this will depend on your local climate and average annual temperature fluctuations. It may make sense to shorten or widen that range. It’s totally up to you how you design it.

Once you have it designed – start crocheting! Add one component each day of a year to represent today’s weather.

Check out #TemperatureBlanket on Instagram or have a look at Facebook. If you’d like to read more, here is an interesting article. Have a look at my article on yarn colors mixing if you need some inspiration too.

Have fun and join the challenge!

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